5 Handsome Nollywood Actors Luchy Donald Have A Strong Connection With When Acting As Couples(Photos)

Aside from having an interesting plot in any romantic movie, the most important part the producers is always concerned about is if the cast can connect very well in the movie so that it can create an impression on the audience.

Over the years, Luchy Donalds has acted in several romantic movies, and believe me when I say that she executes her role perfectly in those movies. Only a few actors know how to create a strong connection with their partner in movies and Luchy Donalds is one of them. Below are 5 Nigerian actors Luchy Donalds has a strong connection with when acting as couples in movies.


1. Zubby Michael

Zubby Michael is popularly known for his gangster movies, but have you seen him in any romantic movie with Luchy Donalds? If you have then you will agree with me that these two actors connect very well when they are filming as a couple. Their pairing in movies is always mind-blowing.

Some months ago, when the above photo of him (Zubby Michael) kneeling before Luchy Donalds surfaced online, it got their fans convinced that Luchy Donalds said yes to the popular Nigerian actor, but they were disappointed after they find out that the photo was from a movie.

2. Mike Godson

Mike Godson is another actor who has a very strong connection with Luchy Donalds. These two are merely good friends in real life, but because they have nice chemistry in movies, many people do think that they are dating and I think this will continue to circulate until one of them marries.

Even till now, they both give us their best acts when they are together in movies especially in romantic movies.

3. Stephen Emeka Odimgbe aka Flashboy

Out of the other two actors mentioned in this article, Stephen Emeka Odimgbe popularly known as Flashboy is undoubtedly the actor many thinks is Luchy Donald‘s secret partner. Both stars connect well in any romantic movie they are featured in. Also, they connect well in reality; they spend quality time with each other.

More photos of the two actors having a nice time;

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