“You look hot” – Ifedi Sharon compliments Zubby Michael’s looks as they link up on new movie set (VIDEO)

A young actress in her teens from Nigeria, Ifedi Sharon, and her senior colleague, Zubby Michael, linked up on set of a new movie they both have roles in.

Sharon spiced up her Facebook feed with a brand-new video, showing the thrilling moment she dashed over to warmly welcome Zubby Michael, enveloping him in a tight and affectionate hug right at the movie location.

Her words praising Zubby’s dashing looks were clearly audible, she said; “You look hot” and in response, the actor enthusiastically conveyed his happiness at the prospect of seeing her again.

Zubby proceeded to update Sharon on the movie they both recently starred in. He said the movie is soaring high in terms of viewership, other people on set concurred with his assertion.

The video further depicted Sharon and Zubby flawlessly embodying their roles on the set of new movie.

Sharing the video, Sharon wrote;

It hits different when two of us are together”

In related news, Zubby Michael recently stirred reactions with a funny video of him alongside his colleague Ebube Obi.

In the video, which is from a new movie, Zubby was seen lifting Ebube like a child as he placed her in front of a motorcycle while he sat behind her.

A look at the video showed the Nollywood stars providing delivery service in the movie scene. It started with them walking out of a building to where the delivery bike was parked.

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