“You Can’t Lock Me In the Zoo”: Fans React As Burnaboy Dresses Like a Gorilla to Attack MC Mbakara in His Home

Nigerian singer Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy has gone viral online after a clip of him dressed as a gorilla trends.

In the viral video, Burna was seen chasing after popular skit maker MC Mbakara who had called him out a number of times in the past.


The singer seems to be trying to prove a point, In the video Burna Boy didn’t physically assault anybody, but he made sure scare the hell out of everybody in MC Mbakara’s house as they were seen all running helter-skelter.

Burna Boy is famed for his lyrics about himself being a gorilla, he made use of the primate attributes in one of his songs.

One of Burna’s famous, saying about being an ape is the lyric, “I be gorilla, but you can’t lock me in the zoo.”

See the video of Burna Boy dressed as a gorilla as he attacks MC Mbakara at his home:

See how netizens reacted to Burna Boy’s video attacking MC Mbakara in his home


“Dem no get 2by2 for that place nii.”


“What’s burna boy doing like this nau?”


“Ebuka come out from that thing osiso.”


“Wetin remain to happen for this internet again?”


“who kolo don kolo forget packaging.”


“Burnaboy no get fuel him just kuku one enter zoo finally.”


“Burna Boy likes rough play.”

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