Similar To Mercy Johnson, When Destiny Etiko Marries, These Things May Change In Her Life

Marriage is the beginning of a new chapter in a woman’s life, which is why many women are hesitant to say “I do.” When a woman marries, her life undergoes numerous changes, some of which are minor, while others have a significant impact on her personality and career.

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Destiny Etiko is one actress whose fans are eagerly awaiting her marriage announcement. Of course, getting married is a special moment, but it may bring about some changes in the life of the 31-year-old actress, just as it did to her mentor, Mercy Johnson.

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So, in this writer’s opinion, what changes will occur in Destiny Etiko’s life that will be similar to Mercy Johnson’s when she marries?

1. She May Change Her Style

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In today’s world, it is believed that after marriage, a woman’s glory is for her husband, therefore she should strive to satisfy him in all aspects of her life, including her clothing. Married women are known to dress modestly and decently to honor their spouses.

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Before her marriage, Mercy Johnson was regarded as one of the “baddest” actresses, with a crazy style that wowed fans and paparazzi alike. However, her fashion sense shifted once she got married in 2011. This could happen to Destiny Etiko as well if she marries.

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2. She May stop kissing or playing romantic roles in movies

Before her marriage, Mercy Johnson was one of the most well-known actresses in romantic roles, having worked with actors such as Jim Iyke and actor-turned-pastor Majid Michel.

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Mercy Johnson no longer plays such roles after her marriage because her husband dislikes them, therefore no matter how much money is offered, she will turn down the roles to make her husband happy.

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Destiny Etiko is one of the few actresses in Nollywood today who can portray romantic roles in films and make them look believable, much the same as Mercy Johnson. Because of her ability to play such roles, it has been speculated that she is in relationships with many actors, which is false.

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If you adore Destiny Etiko for her romantic roles in movies, you should appreciate every minute since she may decide to get married and stop kissing or smooching in movies, just like Mercy Johnson did to make her husband happy.

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