Expensive Things Owned By Nollywood Actress Chika Ike (Photos)

Chika Ike is a Nigerian actress, movie producer, model and entrepreneur. She is also an ambassador of the United States of America.

She is also the CEO of a big boutique known as Fancy Nancy Collections which deals on expensive clothes, bags and wristwatches.

Chika Ike is very wealthy and she is among the richest actresses and models in the Country. Chika Ike also owns lots of expensive things such as assets, businesses and wears.

Today I bring to you 7 Expensive Things that Chika owns.

Let’s take a look at them below


Chika Ike has a huge and well equipped boutique named Fancy Nancy, which is located in Abuja.

Chika is the founder and CEO of one of the biggest and we’ll equipped boutique located in Abuja naked Fancy Nancy. The boutique is equipped with foreign designer goods such as wears, bags, shoes and jewelries.


Chika Ike has a huge studio and office which is located in Lekki, Lagos State.

Recently Chika Ike also acquired a huge studio, and office space in Lagos State. She unveiled pictures of the studio few months ago and posted it on social media.


Chika Ike also has a huge and expensive mansion in Lekki, Lagos which is worth over 300 thousand dollars.

Chika Ike has built a huge mansion worth over three thousand dollars in Lagos State. The mansion is located in Lekki Phase one in Lagos State, and it is worth over three hundred thousand dollars and the interior are very expensive.


Chika Ike has a G-wagon and other exotic cars worth over 90,000 dollars.

Chika Ike recently bought a very Expensive G-wagon car. She posted a photo of her sitting on the car on social media few months ago, and she was very excited. Chika Ike also has other Expensive cars, and her cars are worth more than 90,000 dollars.

Chika Ike also has a costly Toyota Camry and a Lexus Jeep.


Chika Ike has Hermes Berkini bags and also channel bag, that are worth over Eight thousand dollars.

Chika Ike is also a lover of expensive wears and designer bags. Some of her bags are Hermes Berkini, and Channel bags which are worth more than eight thousand dollars.


Chika Ike also has an Amal Azhari Dress which is worth $5000.

Chika Ike is also a lover of beautiful and designer wears, and she has a dress that is specially designed for her by a Lebanese designer, and the dress is worth over 5000 dollars.


Chika Ike owns a very Expensive diamond ring and Rolex Oyster Perpetual ‘Datejust’ Wristwatch, and they are both worth over Eight thousand dollars.

Chika Ike is also a lover of designers, and she love diamond. She has a diamond ring and ‘datejust’ wristwatch, that she always flaunt on social media. The watch and ring are worth over Eight thousand dollars.

So these are some of the Expensive things that Chika Ike owns, and she is acquiring more as the day goes by.

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