3 Popular Nollywood Actors Who Have Built A House In Their Hometowns In 2022

The Nollywood industry is blessed with a lot of talented actors and actresses. These Nollywood actors have worked very hard to become very successful in their careers.

A lot of them have built houses in different parts of the country but they are a few of them who decided to build a house of theirs in their hometown.

In this article, I will be sharing with you three popular Nollywood actors who have built a house in their hometown.

1. Chinedu Ikedieze

Chinedu Ikedieze, popularly known as Aki is one of the most successful actors in the Nollywood industry. The 43-year-old Nigerian actor is from Abia State. In January 2020, he showed off the mansion he built in Bende, Abia State on his verified Instagram account.

2 Dike Osinachi

In August 2019, the popular comedian and Nollywood actor by the name of Dike Osinanchi built a mansion in his hometown in Owerri. He called his mansion “apamanolly castle”.

3 Kanayo O. Kanayo

Kanayo is one of the most successful actors in the Nigerian movie industry. He is rich and has a lot of houses. In the year 2017, he built a state-of-the-art mansion in Aboh-Mbaise, Imo State, his hometown. According to him, one must build at least one house where he or she comes from.

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