Why My husband Abandon his First wife and children, mercy Johnson Reveals

A Nigerian lady identified as Rita Egwu has taken to social media to share new photos of the grown-up children of Mercy Johnson’s husband, Prince Okojie with his ex-wife.

In the lengthy post shared on Facebook, Rita Egwu suggested that Prince Okojie may not be taking care of the children, he had with his ex-wife.

Egwu wrote; “This was in 2011 but seriously what really is this? Like no divorce, you just remarry and start building a new family? It must hurt really badly to see your husband building a new family while perhaps neglecting his other children. I can never understand this but I’m lost for words.”

In another post, Egwu, whilst sharing photos of the grown-up children of the Prince’s ex-wife praised her for catering and nurturing the children despite her ex-husband negligence.

She then went further to advise women to ensure that even after separation, the man takes full responsibility for his children.

Her post reads; “Okojie’s kids with the ex wife, are quite grown now I see. I just found his ex on facebook.

“Well done ma’am! May God continue to provide for you to raise your kids. He will always show mercy to the responsible parent. May he continue to be there for you.

You all look great! Keep shinning!

“When una kolobi people husband finish, una go dey justify rubbish! Snatch them or share their wandering deeks but allow them be responsible financially to their children. The women didn’t birth the kids alone! The men put their sperm there. Allow and encourage them to care for their children after you all are on your own “borning” angels wey we never see before! Mothers even after he is gone, legally make sure you hold his blokos to pay upkeep! They get away easily because we do it all. I regret not dragging mine. Drag him financially and with shared time. He should give his children the opportunity to know him. They should know him! I noticed it’s a war sometimes when these men decide to see their children from other women. My daughter went to visit her dad when she was 3, the other woman broke everything in the house in protest that my daughter should never come and see her dad again. She was quickly brought back home where she breathlessly.”

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