‘Why I Stopped Wearing Jewelry And Makeup’ — Patience Ozokwor

Big name actress, Mercy Johnson, has opened up on how veteran actress, Patience Ozokwor, made her change her mode of dressing.

According to Mercy in her recent show where she hosted the actress, she said that Patience Ozokwor, advised her years ago advised her to stop indecent dressing.

While reflecting on the past during her chat with the thespian on this week’s edition of her weekly cook show, Mercy’s Menu, the patience said:

“Do you remember when you were younger before you got married when I told you that the photos u take today, your children will see them tomorrow and immediately the kind of lifestyle you lived”

And Mercy Johnson acknowledged the statement saying:

“Yes you did, you told me Mercy dress properly, you will have kids and when they grow up, they will ask you, why are you looking this way, yes I remember, I’m lucky but i still learned the hard way really”

Also during their conversation, Patience Ozokwor revealed why she didn’t marry after she lost her husband years ago

“I wanted to remarry but my kids had already come of age and they pleaded with me not to marry another man and they promised they will be my husband.

They asked me to stay single for them so their friends will not laugh at them that at their age their mum remarried and I understood them, though it was selfish of them but i paid the huge sacrifice for them, no sacrifice is too huge for family.”

Patience Ozokwor further spilled why she stopped wearing jewelry and makeup.

“It was my son God used for me, he had a dream twice of me with my natural face and hair on and God told him, He preferred me looking that way than when i use make up and accessories, by the third time he had the dream, i just knew this is it, i had to stop “

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