”There is bl00d flowing in his c0ffin” Eye witness present at Mohbad’s exhumation reveals

The body of Nigerian singer Mohbad has been exhumed, just eight days after his burial. This unsettling development comes after a loud clamoring by Nigerians for an autopsy to performed to determine the cause of his death. An eye witness has given an account of the body exhumation process/

He revealed that blood was found in Mohbad’s coffin sparking a lot of questions and raising disturbing possibilities.
While the wishes of those who clamored for the truth have been granted, the disturbing discovery of blood inside the coffin has only deepened the mystery surrounding Mohbad’s passing.

Even more disconcerting was the observation according to eye witnesses that Mohbad’s body still appeared remarkably fresh, considering the 8 days that had passed since his burial.
The presence of reported blood in Mohbad’s coffin have led to wild speculations. Some have begun to wonder whether the singer may not have been fully deceased at the time of his burial. More than ever, netizens agree that a full autopsy needs to be done.

Let’s recall that prior to his body being exhumed, the Lagos State Police Command has inaugurated a 13-man special investigation team to delve into the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death. This move shows the seriousness with which the authorities are treating the case.
is worth noting that one of the most significant revelations made in the wake of Mohbad’s death came from his father. In the face of insinuations concerning the passing of Mohbad, His father had denied any foul play in his son’s passing.

He offered an alternative explanation, suggesting that Mohbad may have succumbed to complications arising from an injection administered by an auxiliary nurse. This injection, according to the grieving father, was intended to treat an ear infection.

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