See How Genevieve Nnaji Gave Birth At The Age Of 17 & Became A Grandma At The Age Of 39 (Photos)

Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji is one of the most

successful actresses in the movie industry. The

actress has been on screen for over decades and

while most people thought she doesn’ t have any man

in her life, the unknown truth is that she has had a child

out of wedlock at 17years of age

Genevieve Nnaji completely hid her daughter from the

media but she was only able do that for a while until

social media users unearthed the photo of the actress

and her lookalike daughter

Well, after it was made known that Genevieve Nnaji

already had a grown up daughter, the actress later

became a proud grandma.

Genevieve Nnaji Talks About How She Got Pregnant

Out Of Wedlock

Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji managed to keep

her daughter’ s birth a secret possibly because she

thought it would affect her career. However, she later

came out about it in an interview where she bared it all

without holding back any.

Genevieve Nnaji in the interview, recounted how her

world came crashing down when she realized sheis

pregnant at 17 years of age.

She revealed she was already seven months gone

before her Catholic mum discovered it and didn’ t

believe it until she later confirmed it. The actress

however, noted that she didn’ t believe it as well but

had to when she saw it in a scan.

She further noted that she was hard on herself more

than her parents did but at the end, she couldn’ t abort

the pregnancy since she got to know about it late.

In her words:

“The pregnancy was seven months gone before my

Catholic mum discovered it. She couldn’ t believe it,

she said. How can she be pregnant when she was”

very careful”

“I didn’ t feel anything. I didn’ t even know till I was

about four months. It was there, but I was still in

shock. I didn’ t believe it”.

“The only time I actually believed it was when I saw it
in a scan. Seven months! And I saw it’ s in there andl
said, “Okay, it’ s true! “I was like, ” Oh, it’s like somne
disease. “I think I was pretty much hard on myself
then than my parents or people. I was harder on
myself, really. My parents reacted the way any parent
would react- disappointed.
I didn’ t know. My mother discovered it for me. I didn’ t
know anything really. She discovered it for me and it
was too late, we couldn’ t do anything and we’ re
Catholics and ‘ m glad I didn’ t do anything funny
Speaking further, she said: ” Getting rid of the
pregnancy was an alternative then, but it was too late,
because not until I was four months before we
discovered it and so it was not what we could do, and
my dad was like, it’ s a child for Christ’ s sake. God
knows why he wants to bring that child into life”.
We are Catholics and it’ s just that conscience, you do
wrong once and doing another would not make the
first right. So, you either correct your mistake by doing
the right thing. If I was pregnant, and then have an
abortion, it would have been like murder after
fornication! So, that was basically wrong.
Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaj”‘ s grown up
daughter, Chimebuka Theodora whom she protected
from the media for so long, was seen together for the
first time with her during her birthday party.
Theodora tied the knot with her husband, Prince Osi
Chigozie Ihediwa in Mbaise in 2016 and no doubt the
event saw lots of pictures of the newly wedded
According to reports, the couple met in 2009 and
dated till 2016 before they got married.
Genevieve Nnaji Becomes A Grandmother
Mostly, people become Grandparents at 50 to 60years
of age but Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji’ s case
is completely different and also surprising, she
reportedly became a grandma at the age of 39.
Genevieve Nnaji became a grandmother at an early
age and no doubt this caused lots of uproars among
social media users and fans of the actress.
Well, ever since Genevieve Nnaji gave birth to her
daughter she hasn’ t been in a noticable serious
relationship with any man and no doubt her fans have
often urged her to get married.


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