See All Mr Ibu’s 13 Children From 6 Different Women And One Adopted Daughter You Probably Don’t Know(Photos)

Actor and comedian, John Okafor, aka Mr Ibu, said he fathered thirteen children from multiple women.

Mr Ibu made this revelation in an interview with when arguing against the notion that men with potbellies underperformed sex wise.

“Some people have said that people with potbellies are not good lovers or sexually active but being good on the bed is relative. My answer to this is that I have 13 children (10 boys and two girls) though I lost one of them. That is the evidence of my sexual virility. I hatch children like pigeons,” the actor told the paper.

According to him, four of his children are from his current wife, adding “I don’t cheat on my wife. I had children before I married her. I left that life because many women wanted to have children for me but I cannot build a primary school in my house.”

See some of his children below:

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