Nigerian Woman in tears After giving birth to quadruplets after 30 year of being declared barren (Photo) congratulate them… congratulations

After been inside the labour room for 5 days with daily hard work of pushing and pushing but the baby is not coming through. So my husband agreed we go for surgery but one elderly woman in my father’s house say that if i go for surgery that i will die with the baby.

It was a tough one for me and my husband cos i have spent 5 days in the labour room already without any result. So we started prayer and for 24hours and the angel of the LORD came down during our prayer session and told me that in the next 3 minutes i will put to bed without need fo operation anymore and that i must share my testimony online for people to get blessed and who ever will share the post 3 times will get 3 times blessings bigger than what they are asking from GOD.

Just after the angel delivered the message. Exactly that 3 minutes i put to bed and gave birth to 3 bouncing babies…. what a surprise that it was 3 babies.
Then I remembered what the angel said whoever will share this post 3 times, will get times 3 bigger if the blessings they are asking from GOD so that’s why GOD gave me 3 babies.

Pls congratulate me and don’t forget to share 3 times and see what
Will do in your life

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