Nigerian Man bbeats His wife to ddeath for not giving birth to a male child (Photos) To every hand typing rRest In Peace untimely ddeath will never be your portion.. Amen.

A Nigerian man in Enugu State, identified as Ndubuisi, has been accused of beating his wife, Chiamaka Okafor, to death.

The incident reportedly happened on Thursday, June 8, just a few weeks after Chiamaka underwent a Brazilian Lift (BBL) surgery.

Photo credit: sophy_cindy/TikTok

According to sources, Chiamaka, a businesswoman known as Charmzy, had been frequently abused by her husband since they got married in June 2018.

The couple has two daughters, but Ndubuisi allegedly wanted a male child and coerced Chiamaka into having an abortion when she was pregnant with a baby girl. Chiamaka underwent the BBL surgery to please her husband.

The source revealed that Ndubuisi had left Chiamaka at the hospital after beating her, and only showed up at the mortuary late at night after she had died.

Chiamaka’s family had reportedly advised her to leave the marriage due to Ndubuisi’s abuse, but she refused

@d.e.b.s.s._ reacted: “I don’t feel any bit of sympathy for her. People begged you to leave and you still refused.”

@babajideedges1 said: “Beauty gone! Destiny gone! Acquired body gone! Everything under 6 ft now & now material for the blogs to feast on. Listen! Whether you are crying now inside a Benz or Keke, know that whatever brings tears & horror into your marital life consistently is only taking you closer to your avoidable death. RUN NOW!



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