Meet 2 talented nollywood actresses, who are always mistaken for each other

Undoubtedly, there are many Nollywood actors and actresses some people often mistaken for each other. Sometimes these celebrities are followed by many different stories and rumors about their personal life. In this article, you are going to see pictures of two popular Nollywood actresses, who are often mistaken for each other. However, the two actresses have starred together in several Nigerian movies.

Pictures of Stephanie Ekwu

Without a doubt, Stephanie has been mistaking for Chizoba severally, even when they starred together in a movie. Stephanie can only be regarded as Chizoba’s look-alike friend and colleague. Both of them played the roles of identical twins in the movie “Identical Twins” which won many hearts.

Stephanie is one of the fast-rising actresses who are making waves in the movie industry, she has proven her talents in the field. Naturally, Stephanie has a “striking” resemblance to Chizoba, which makes people think they were born twins in real life.

Pictures Of Chizoba Nwokoye

Chizoba is gaining fame in the movie industry regardless of her fast-rising career. She has invested lots of effort in her acting career. She is the CEO of Sharon Chizzy Production.

Stephanie and Chizoba have always been a “better match” in movies, their characters are inspiring.

Nollywood industry is truly producing beautiful and talented actresses no doubt about it.




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