Lady cuddles huge snake moving on her body in bed, video sparks talks

South African native doctor, social media influencer and television personality, Gogo Maweni has set tongues wagging on social media after she posted another video with one of her snakes .

The traditional healer posted a TikTok video wishing her followers a good morning while she was still in bed and her animal companion sent shivers down people’s spines.

Gogo Maweni
Gogo Maweni

The snake was manoeuvring his way between Gogo Maweni and the sheets and went over her head.

According to ReptileCraze, snakes can be drawn to their owners because they emit heat but generally most snakes have evolved to be solitary creatures.

Gogo Maweni TikTok video went viral and gathered 1.6 million views from Mzansi people who were frightened .

Some netizens said Maweni was brave for interacting that closely with her pet snake. Other people claimed the sangoma seemed a little scared of the slithering serpent.

Watch Gogo Maweni snake video below:

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