“I never thought I would get married again!!”, Congratulations pours out to Uche Sonia after she was proposed to by her Colleague on her 29th Birthday – shares Video online. Let’s congratulate her!! And also wish her a Happy birthday ๐ŸŽˆ ๐ŸŽ‚ [Photos]

Sonia uche and chinenye Nnebe are both NOLLYWOOD superstar Actresses , they are both loved by their fans, but so many people donโ€™t know many facts about this promising actress. Today weโ€™ll be revealing to you things you probably may not know about her.

1. Sonia Uche is the elder sister to Chinenye Nnebe who is also into acting. Chinenye Nnebe is also a popular Nollywood actress and their mother who is a producer and an actress, Uche Nancy introduced both of her daughters to the industry in the early 2000.

2. Uche Sonia is always shy acting a romantic part in front of her mother even if sheโ€™s the one producing the movie. She always request her(Uche Nancy) to stay outside if they really want her to play that part.

3. Sonia Uche despite being a sister to Chinenye Nnebe is not bearing the surname โ€œNnebeโ€ because her father is different from Chineyeโ€™s father but same mother.

4. Sonia Uche currently as of the time writing this article is not dating anyone or she hasnโ€™t made it known to the public yet.

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