“I can’t even drive a manual car” – Video of young Nigerian lady driving a big Dangote trailer surfaces (Watch)

A young hardworking Nigerian lady has been spotted driving a large trailer and social media users got impressed with her skills.

In a world where women are constantly breaking gender norms and defying societal expectations, the lady could be seen confidently driving the Dangote truck as she sat with pride behind the wheel of the giant vehicle.

The video shows the brave girl behind the wheel of a large truck, maneuvering it with ease as she drove around a compound.

It was hard to believe that someone so young could handle a vehicle of that size, but she proved that anything is possible with determination and practice.

Some people have even started a campaign to find her and offer support for her future endeavors. Others have commented on the video, amazed at how effortlessly she made the task look. Watch the video below:

quiddyofficial said, “This is impressive! The fact that she decided to do this. Learned it and got it right is incredible! Kudos girl ?”.

sandrabenede said, “Me that I can’t even drive manual cars. Lol”.

pretty_perry92 said, “I kuku get the mind nd I fit drive…nah who go borrow me dangote trailer remain ?”.

___ephy said, “As in ehhh ????? kudos to her fear no go gree me oh especially for naija”.

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