Congratulations – “double blessing”, Brave Woman welcomes a baby the night to her graduation – let’s congratulate her [Photos]

Graduation is always a special day. But for a woman, hers was very special, because it was also the day she became a mother.

An aspiring lawyer who graduated from college and gave birth to her first child the same day shared how she received her diploma from the hospital.

Her due date of May 14 was the same day as her graduation ceremony, but Jada never thought it would actually happen on that day, since due dates are only estimates and the doctors thought she would have a little more than time.

Then, Jada was stunned when the night before her ceremony she started having contractions. She went to a medical facility, just to be sure, but she assumed she was just experiencing Braxton Hicks, a common condition that can feel like labor.

Ella jada even brought her cap and gown because she figured she was going to be sent home. However, she Jada was in fact in labor.

Over the next four hours, labor progressed, and after 45 minutes of pushing, she welcomed a little boy she named Easton M’Kale Fuller.

Delighted with her new arrival, Jada’s day of happy events wasn’t over.

She had missed the graduation ceremony that morning because she was busy giving birth, but she messaged Dillard University President Walter Kimbrough to let him know what had happened. that he could recreate a graduation ceremony in a shocked Jada’s hospital room.

Congratulations. You can go up to the bed and receive your title,” Walter said in a video of the impromptu ceremony. Jada also had her older sister and her cousins there to cheer her up.

The university president recognized what a great achievement it was for Jada to graduate after spending much of the year battling morning sickness and being heavily pregnant

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