Check Out 5 Nigerian Actresses that are Good in Playing Rugged Roles in Movies (Photos)

Check Out 5 Nigerian Actresses that are Good in Playing Rugged Roles in Movies (Photos)

The Nollywood industry is quite dynamic in nature. In the sense that every star is known for a specific role he or she plays in movies. There are some who are good in romantic roles, others are good in bad girl or bad boy roles. The ones am going to talk about are good in playing the bad girl roles in most movies.

They are :

1. Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh is an amazing actress, one of the best the industry has. She is an award winning woman that is highly recognized in Nigeria. This actress is a wonderful woman that is highly talented in playing bad girl roles. Her “I don’t care attitude” has made her very popular in playing the role of a bad girl in movies.

2. Angela Okorie


This is another star that is widely known for playing the bad girl role in movies. She is very rugged when it comes to playing the role and I love her acting skills.

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3. Anita Joseph

This is another star whose “I don’t care attitude” has made a remarkable stars when it comes to playing a bad girl. She is a highly talented actress that is widely loved by many Nigerians all around the country.

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4. Destiny Etiko

Destiny Etiko is another remarkable star in the Nigerian movie industry. She is one of the fast rising Nollywood stars whose acting skills has made her very prominent today. She is very good at playing bad girl roles in movies. Although she can perfectly fit into any other role given to her in movies.



5. Ini Edo

Ini Edo is another well known actress that plays the bad girl role perfectly in movies. She is no doubt one of the great stars in the movie Industry today. She has featured in a lot of Nigerian movies and won several awards to back up her great talented.



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