6 Nollywood Celebs Who Hardly Wear Makeup And Rock Their Natural Hair But Still Look Beautiful

The beauty queens in the Nigerian entertainment industry are much and sometimes we don’t get to know which of the Nollywood actresses is the most beautiful. Since I started watching Nigerian movies, I never rated the industry poor when it comes to the kind of actresses that feature in Nollywood movies. They have tried in bringing beautiful talented actresses from different parts of the country. But I have picked interest in actresses that are from the eastern part of the country.

Igbo celebrities have flooded the Nigerian entertainment industry and they are the most featured when it comes to Nigerian English movies. There are blessed with beautiful faces, a nice body figure, natural hair, and flawless skin. Over the years the Nigerian entertainment industry has brought up many actresses from the easter region.

Igbo women are beloved to be one of the most beautiful and stunning girls in the country. This is why people from different parts of the world come down to Nigeria to ask for their hands in marriage. There are actresses from the South Eastern region who are naturally beautiful and blessed with a good body physique. These actresses are so beautiful that they hardly wear makeup and even when they rock their natural hair, they still look beautiful and stunning.

In this article, I will be showing some Igbo actresses that have captured the eyes of many movie lovers and fans. I have tried gathering some of the pictures of these lovely actresses who are not only looking beautiful and breathtaking but have also put smiles on the faces of most movie lovers and fans.

Below are some South-Eastern actresses who have updated us with some of their adorable pictures, which proves that without wearing make-up and a beautiful hairstyle, a lady can still look beautiful and adorable.

#1. Regina Daniels

#2. Chacha Eke

#3. Chineye Nnebe

#4. Destiny Etiko

#5. Luchy Donald

#6. Chioma Nwaoha

No wonder Igbos you the world “Omalisha” in addressing beautiful girls. These five superstars look more beautiful when they don’t wear make-up.

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