10 Nollywood Actresses Who Are Good At Playing The Village Girl Role (Photos)

10 Nollywood Actresses Who Are Good At Playing The Village Girl Role (Photos)

The Nollywood film industry ranks among the top most established industries in the continent and world at large.All this can be credited to the great talents the industry incorporates in it’s production.

Some of the most loved genres in the industry are village movies.With me are Nollywood Actresses who always deliver while acting in village girl roles.

1.Mercy Johnson

This beauty queen is undeniably among the most sort after and famous actress in the continent.She is a funny character who knows how to adopt to any role given be it a princess,tomboy,wicked person,victim of oppression among others.She knows to deliver perfectly in village roles as seen in the films like;The village farmer,Village land lady,Dumebi the dirty girl among others.

2.Abigael Nebechi

This beauty queen is not only graced with great acting skills but also a killer body physique.She is a fast rising actress who has village girl roles as one of her best.Among the films she has showcased this include Birthday girl and The Obligation.

3.Destiny Etiko

Many love to compare this talented actress to Mercy Johnson whom she considers her role model in the industry.She shares much in common with Mercy and always executes perfectly in village girl roles among the movies she has acted in as such being;Village gossipers,village girls battle and village mechanic which she acted alongside Destiny Etiko.

4.Luchy Donalds

She is a gorgeous actress whose prowress in acting saw her garner a huge fan base in the industry.Luchy who posses a cute body shape is always on her top in village girl roles.

5.Chizy Alichi

She debuted the film industry back in 2010 through the film Magic money which incorporated numerous veteran actors and actresses.She is always soo good in crying roles and best when it comes to village films among them being;Pamela the local girl and Village couple.

Who is your favorite among these talented actresses? Kindly drop in your comments as you like share and follow this channel for more exclusive articles.

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